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I think this information may be of interest for you:
GlobalPlatform is preparing a specification of a Web API to access Secure Elements, which offers low level access to Secure Elements. It is NOT expected to be directly exposed to web applications. It is expected to be implemented by Web runtimes (browsers, web OS, etc), and be used by privilege services of these runtimes to implement high level services that will be exposed to web applications (such as the ones that will be elaborated by this CG).

The GlobalPlatform specification is under public review until July 25th, you can submit your feedback via GitHub issues or via emails to se-api-review@globalplatform.org.


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Subject: Public Review: Web API For Accessing Secure Element


Pre-release version of Web API For Accessing Secure Element is now available to download from the GlobalPlatform GitHub Repository<http://globalplatform.github.io/WebApis-for-SE/doc/>.

  *   Web API For Accessing Secure Element<http://globalplatform.github.io/WebApis-for-SE/doc/>

Summary: This specification defines an Application Interface for a web application to access a Secure Element. It makes no assumption on the Secure Element type, application domain or physical communication media.

This has been made available in order to solicit public comments. Please provide your comments to the specification by submitting them directly to the GitHub repository<http://globalplatform.github.io/WebApis-for-SE/doc/> or by email to the address below. Comments are requested by Monday, 25 July 2016.

  *   se-api-review@globalplatform.org<mailto:se-api-review@globalplatform.org>

The GitHub project has a system for tracking "Issues", which is a way to submit comments. The Public Review is using this system for tracking comments. Any emails received through email will be posted to the GitHub Issues system.

Patent Call: In application of GP's IPR policy, patent call Participant / Non-Participant Response Forms are available here<http://www.globalplatform.org/specifications/review/Participant_Non-Participant_Response_Form.pdf> and will be accepted until 25 July 2016.

Thanks in advance to all of you that take the time to review this document.
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GlobalPlatform Device Committee


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