[HBSS CG] Take away from our recent call

Dear all,

Here is the chair informal take away from our last call held on the 1rst of June, highlighting decisions and actions.

-          Wen reviewed the document provided by morpho (thanks again for that contribution)

-          We reminded that use cases should be provisioned by the different champions (gemalto and crypto, dt and transportation, morpho and identity) --> chairs to ping contributors

-          We decided that that our first technical feature would consider that credentials generated are used in the framework of the same origin --> editor to clarify that assumption in the text

-          We mentioned that we would have a dedicated threat to work on the idea of scoped credentials - that would allow to associate with some credentials some conditions of use, expanding the same origin policy --> chairs to organize the conversation

-          We discussed that means for selecting credentials by the users should be present and explicitely recommended in UA, to avoid any silent management of credentials --> editor to clarify this security requirement

Our next call is scheduled on the Wednesday 15th of June @ 14:00 UTC. Nevertheless, it happens that Sébastien would prefer to delay it by one day.  A dedicated thread will be landing soon on the mailing list.


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