Web2Native Bridge - Progress Report

The Web2Native Bridge API (https://github.com/cyberphone/web2native-bridge#api) now runs flawlessly and 100% identical on the Desktop versions of Chrome/Chromium and Firefox (Since V50.0).  The Firefox is still awaiting publishing in the Mozilla's add-on store so it can currently only be installed locally for testing.

Both implementations are "emulators", primarily created to verify the usability of the API.  Production implementations would be quite different: Detached from the "in-browser" extension system and supporting permission meta-data in direct conjunction with the executable.

What can you actually build with the Web2Native Bridge API?  That's the beauty of the core concept (native messaging pioneered by Google); it is application-neutral while still being quite powerful.  An example is my payment authorization PoC
but it would work equally well for a streaming media service like Spotify!

My next project is moving the Web2Native Bridge to Android which is a way more challenging and interesting project since the current scheme in Android for interacting with "Apps" has severe usability and security drawbacks.  Unlike for the desktop, it is not technically feasible building an  Web2Native Bridge emulator, only the real thing will do. Since Android is the most important OS these days, I'm looking for collaborators...


Received on Thursday, 8 December 2016 09:37:47 UTC