Re: [hb-secure-services] eIDAS - Problem Solved


eIDAS is solved. But not for the web. I've been in a Workshop in Brussels 
about this in spring 2016 and there was no solution. There are ETSI standards 
that are not implemented. I wonder if they are implementable. And they do not 
provide access to hardware credentials via web technologies. 

I know there are people in Brussels claiming that everything around eIDAS 
works fine. But I haven't seen it working. Perhaps Martin has more information. 
But so far, no solution is known to me. Which may be me, or the absence of a 


On samedi 3 d├ęcembre 2016 05:57:24 CET Anders Rundgren wrote:
> According to e-government folks eIDAS already addresses digital signatures
> etc.
> That is, with respect to e-governments, our work is already concluded.
> If you believe that eIDAS does not solve the e-government authentication and
> signature issues , you may need to explain that to the EU and vendors as
> well.

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