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From: Ronald P. Reck <rreck@rrecktek.com>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 08:44:21 -0400
Message-ID: <46373625.7050303@rrecktek.com>

Introductory information is included because this message is in multiple
forums. Loosely stated, GOLD and GRDDL are "standards", and this email
describes an effort to integrate them. Practically
none of the real work done in this effort mine, and the number of
people to acknowledge is too great to do it here.

GOLD is (from the website) an ontology for descriptive
linguistics. It gives a formalized account of the most basic categories
and relations (the "atoms") used in the scientific description of human
language. First and foremost, GOLD is intended to capture the knowledge
of a well-trained linguist, and can thus be viewed as an attempt to
codify the general knowledge of the field.

GRDDL is (from the website) a mechanism for Gleaning Resource
Descriptions from Dialects of Languages. This GRDDL specification
introduces markup based on existing standards for declaring that an XML
document includes data compatible with the Resource Description
Framework (RDF) and for linking to algorithms (typically represented in
XSLT), for extracting this data from the document.

The following link points at an example of GOLD XML that can be 
transformed into
RDF using GRDDL. The XML is HOPI and there are multiple XSLT stylesheets
involved. It has been GRDDLed successfully using the GRDDL client


I will gladly assist anyone interested in supplying additional GOLD data
(and stylesheets) so that they work with GRDDL and are tested with a
GRDDL aware client.

The point here is that the HOPI data and its transformation into an RDF
representation are managed through GRDDL clients. The only modification
a GOLD author needs to do is point at the transformation through
an additional line of XML like the following:

<ns1:POLICIES xmlns:ns1="http://www.sil.org/~simonsg/metaschema/gold#"
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