On 23 Aug 2007, at 04:21, KANZAKI, Masahide wrote:
> (at Wed, 22 Aug 2007 16:57:49 +0200 by
>> A quick look at Masahide's ontology, and I would guess that he will
>> have a problem with
>> atom feeds with multiple entries with the same id. Since I don't
>> think those map well to
>> RSS...
> You mean those will end up with multiple <rss:item> with same  
> rdf:about
> values ?  Well, that's not valid in RSS 1.0 but no problem as RDF.  
> This
> transformation disguises RSS 1.0, but not true one ;-)

It may be ok RDF, but the RDF will not mean what people expect it to  
mean. Your RSS Item will once smushed have two titles, two updated  
time stampes, two contents, etc.. You will not be able to tell which  
content belonged to which title, nor which was published at which time.


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