This is the response I received from Andy Powell, regarding adding
profile information to Dublin Core documentation:

(this should close the action Danny and I have)

> Just to clarify...  (I've just spoken to Pete here to find 
> out where we are with things).
> From a DCMI perspective, we don't currently have an agreed 
> mapping from DC XHTML to the new revision of the DCMI 
> Abstract Model (DCAM).  We need to do some work on this, not 
> least to ensure that
> results in the same mapping as the more direct
> XHTML meta and link tag -> RDF
> (as specified by W3C).
> Until we have done this mapping, there may not be a great 
> deal of point in having the conversation.  We might 
> reasonably hope to have a revised draft spec out in the next 
> few weeks (maybe one month).  Going thru the DCMI process 
> will take somewhat longer, but I think once we have the draft 
> we would then be in a position to have a useful/sensible 
> conversation about GRDDL.

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