GRDDL links in HTTP? (new issue?)

As Chime observed, GRDDL links are sorta like
the <?xml-stylesheet?> mechanism. And that mechanism
is sorta like the <?access-control?> mechanism in the VoiceXML
spec. I just saw...

"Here is a proposal for an Access Control HTTP header. The
idea is that it does everything the XML PI can, but without
needing to modify the source content."

That reminded me: in theory, at least, you can express typed links
(i.e. RDF triples) in HTTP headers. So a GRDDL client could
look there, as well as in the text of the document. This might help
with the "but lots of microformat documents don't have profiles" 
and maybe even the tensions around non-well-formedness; an
HTTP header could say "I authorize you to run tidy on this content,
and I agree to the results."

I'm moderately inclined to add support for this in my code,
and thereby work out the details.
Maybe it should end up in the GRDDL standard, maybe it shouldn't.
If somebody else thinks it's important for the WG to decide one
way or another, please say so, and I'll add it to the WG issues list.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Monday, 11 September 2006 16:58:29 UTC