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real-world example data in primer?

From: Harry Halpin <hhalpin@ibiblio.org>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 22:12:26 +0100
Message-ID: <452C0CBA.9060100@ibiblio.org>
To: public-grddl-wg <public-grddl-wg@w3.org>

I've been chatting with Brian (and I apologize if I misrepresent his
views), but I think we've hit on a way we can redo the second part of
the Primer and make relatively minor adjustments to the first part so
that they flow and use real-world data samples.

In essence, we'd like to rework the guitar example so that *after* Jane
and friends finds a meeting place, they proceed to try to find a
restaurant to meet at, and they use the hReview-enabled restaurant
reviews to find one rated by people they trust. 

However, I have a question - is it in general better to use fictional
data or "real-world" data for W3C Primers? Almost all I have seen have
used fictional data, but some part of me thinks that using a Yahoo Local
review page (which is hReview enabled) will get potential GRDDL users
more excited than just another hand-crafted piece of data.  And believe
it or not, after a bit of browsing I can find actual real data on
restaurants that friends and friends of friends of mine have written.

Now, there are three problems:

1) If we use Yahoo Local, we need to use to use "real" restaurant
reviews . So, instead of making the GRDDL Grill on Route 66, we'd use
"Crepes on Cole" in SanFran [1]

2)However, even for that real-world data, Yahoo! doesn't have a GRDDL
transformation attribute. So, even with real-world data we'd have to
cache  a local copy  on a w3c web space (and as danja noted earlier)
then add the GRDDL transformation by hand to the real-world data.

3) If we really want to have real-world data and use Yahoo Local, it
seems like we wouldn't want to use fictional characters to review
real-world data. So, should *Brian* write the reviews and we make the
example "Harry is trying to find a restaurant." I feel like that's
bordering close on a bit too much self-promotion :)

Just would like to hear some opinions and precedents..

[1] http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=21359628


Harry Halpin,  University of Edinburgh 
http://www.ibiblio.org/hhalpin 6B522426
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