Introduction: Harry Halpin

Ah, I realize I haven't seen an introduction out yet!

I'm a postgraduate researcher at the University of Edinburgh in the School 
of Informatics, where I work mostly with Henry S. Thompson and Peter 
Buneman. My research area is in Web architecture and in approaches to 
combining XML and RDF processing. Under previous hats I am have also done 
work in statistical natural language processing and philosophy of 

I'll be co-chairing this group with Brian McBride from HP, who is 
currently a bit busy, and my goal is to reach community consensus on the 
use of GRDDL, to make sure any bugs or questions are dealt with, and to 
produce a specification in a timely manner. I'm especially interested in 
seeing use-cases that excite people over the possibilities inherent in 
GRDDL, and in creating a suite of implementations to enable wide-spread 
usage. I believe GRDDL is one of the best chances the Semantic Web has to 
create truly useful and large data-sets, and that the Web as a whole will 
find GRDDL needed to maximize the "network effect" of structured markup.

I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My schedule is on my homepage:
It's also available in the hCal microformat and in RDF using GRDDL.

I check e-mail constantly on a normal day, and at least once a day if not 
in my office in Edinburgh.

AIM: HarryRHalpin
IRC: hhalpin - found on #swig and the GRDDL IRC. 
Office Phone: +44-131-650-4421

Do get in contact if you have any questions.

Thank you all for joining this group!


 	Harry Halpin
 	Informatics, University of Edinburgh

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