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Re: WebIDL future: Does the GPU for the Web CG/WG need anything?

From: Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 18:18:48 -0500
To: Kai Ninomiya <kainino@google.com>
Cc: public-gpu <public-gpu@w3.org>
Message-ID: <1c2b4a45-0eb1-07a9-d57c-df9e3f891e51@w3.org>
Thank you for the feedback!


On 10/30/2020 2:54 PM, Kai Ninomiya wrote:
> Tuples and maps are of interest to us, see my comment there
> <https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/324#issuecomment-512032848>.
> However we are doing alright without them. I don't think we have a
> burning desire to refactor any of our APIs to use [ [0, x], [1, y] ].
> And we no longer have the one multiple-return case which we had then.
> Another top issue is bitsets, but I think providing a better API would
> require a JavaScript language feature (e.g. SymbolSet a la Java's EnumSet).
> See #717 <https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/717>, though, for an
> IDL feature that would be nice (but is not critical).
> Note also I am pretty sure we would use `namespace` instead of
> `interface` for things like `GPUColorWriteBits` (in that issue), if only
> namespaces supported `const`.
> Somewhat related, I wish we had a more unanimous resolution
> on https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/842
> <https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/842>
> which affects all of our integer types, not just bitsets.
> This comment
> <https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/842#issuecomment-584753518> and
> other comments explain our position (which is unanimous among the people
> working on the WebGPU spec who have considered this issue).
> Even if there's no movement on the rule, I would still /really/ like to
> see the rule applied consistently, as explained here
> <https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/842#issuecomment-668258289>.
> This is everything I was able to find/remember. There may be other
> things that we've run into and never filed issues about (and worked around).
> Anyone please chime in if you have any.
> Thanks for reaching out!
> -Kai
> On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 11:12 AM Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org
> <mailto:plh@w3.org>> wrote:
>     Dear GPU participants,
>     W3C is currently in discussion with the WHATWG Steering Group to move
>     the work on WebIDL to the WHATWG. As it was done for HTML and DOM, W3C
>     is looking at the needs of the W3C Groups and Community to ensure a
>     smooth transition.
>     As part of that, I am interested to know if there is anything desired
>     by the GPU for the Web Working Group/Community Group.
>     The WebIDL draft is at:
>      https://heycam.github.io/webidl/ <https://heycam.github.io/webidl/>
>     Are there any feature request or issues that are relevant to the
>     GPU for the Web community and would need extra attention?
>     If you have other concerns about the transition, don't hesitate to let
>     me know.
>     Thank you,
>     Philippe
>     W3C Project Management Lead
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