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Re: Binary vs Text

From: Filip Pizlo <fpizlo@apple.com>
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2018 10:58:19 -0500
Cc: Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com>, mmaxfield@apple.com, public-gpu <public-gpu@w3.org>
Message-id: <3131AF2C-6AE5-4F3D-8FAB-943F9A00235B@apple.com>
To: Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com>

> On Nov 7, 2018, at 10:53 AM, Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 4:30 PM Filip Pizlo <fpizlo@apple.com> wrote:
>> emit MSL, HLSL, or SPIR-V.
> Well, if you've got to emit HLSL you're screwed. Because it's longstanding Microsoft tradition that compilers are shit and slow. It's always been Microsofts view that you should precompile shaders to DXIL. The whole exercise only has any point if you can cut out slow middleware that can't do what it's supposed to do in a reasonable amount of time despite developers complaining and arguing about it for the better part of 2 decades. At this point it's fairly certain to assume drivers and Direct3D are always going to be shit at compiling anything, apparently hiring capable programmers for compiler design is hard or whatever, so the only way to make any progress is to take that responsibility entirely out of their incapable hands.

Ok, so all of that about capable programmers and shit compilers aside, my point still basically stands: we aren’t making a choice about what language goes into the driver. We are making a choice about what language goes into the browser. So the competence (or lack) of driver authors has nothing to do with what we pick. 

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