DCAT: License vs Rights


I've been looking at DCAT from an legal perspective. The extent of the legal metadata supported within DCAT, are that both Distributions and Catalogs have a license property (described as "The license under which the distribution is made available").

In Europe, data publishers have both copyright and database rights over the data that they publish, and may have to reference more than one licence as a result. In addition, there is often extra information that supplements the licence to enable reusers to fulfil it, such as the attribution that they have to provide when they reuse. Having a single link to a licence and not having a mechanism to give this supplementary information might be too simplistic.

So, I wonder whether it would be better to incorporate dct:rights than dct:license, and link to a rights statement that would include licensing and attribution information both for the copyright and for the database right if there is one.

I note that in CKAN the link to the licence uses the relation dct:rights. The only things related to licensing in data.gov are around attribution (I believe this is because all US government data is public domain).


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Received on Wednesday, 3 April 2013 12:56:03 UTC