Inception of a Community Group

Good day,

I am preparing a Community Group for the Spatial Data on the Web WG in
context of

Next to the administrative requirement of at least five persons that
Phil Archer told me, I am not aware of any other constraints.

But wondering: Should we follow a rationale and implement a charter?

Then: What would you see as discourses which need to be present within
the field by building a distributed, semantic WebGIS to map tempospatial ?

Up until now I am aware of and associated issues
and something Henry Story mentionned about adaptations for RDF 1.2
needed to model these kinds of tempospatial ontologies.

Also, is such a CG considered to be only of technical nature, or would
their members be allowed to proxy the more functional needs of their
respective communities?

Thanks in advance,

Jon Richter

Received on Monday, 13 June 2016 19:37:56 UTC