GeoDCAT-AP: Call for public review

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Dear CG members,

Please find below the call for public review of GeoDCAT-AP, the
extension to DCAT-AP ("DCAT application profile for data portals in
Europe") developed in the framework of the EU ISA Programme to enable
the cross-domain sharing and exchange of geospatial metadata.

GeoDCAT-AP does not define new terms, but uses existing cross-domain
vocabularies (as Dublin Core, DCAT, PROV) to define a harmonised RDF
representation of ISO 19115/19119 metadata.

As mentioned also in the call, GeoDCAT-AP is implemented in an XSLT
that can be run directly on CSW output or standalone ISO 19139 records
to convert them into RDF. This XSLT will be used to test GeoDCAT-AP
also with respect to its actual implementation.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you would like to contribute.


Andrea, on behalf of the GeoDCAT-AP WG



Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

You are kindly invited to review the working group draft of the
GeoDCAT Application Profile, an extension of the DCAT application
profile (DCAT-AP) for describing geospatial datasets, dataset series,
and services.

GeoDCAT-AP provides an RDF syntax binding for the union of metadata
elements defined in the core profile of ISO 19115:2003 and those
defined in the framework of the INSPIRE Directive.

The GeoDCAT-AP specification can be downloaded from:

The specification is accompanied by an XSLT script, which allows the
automated conversion of ISO 19139 metadata records into GeoDCAT-AP

The public review period will last until 30 August 2015.

Please submit your feedback by sending comments and suggestions to the
GeoDCAT-AP mailing list: The feedback
received will be discussed by the GeoDCAT-AP Working Group in early
September. Final publication of application profile is foreseen for
October 2015.

The full text of the call is available from Joinup:

The intended use case of GeoDCAT-AP is to make spatial datasets, data
series, and services searchable on general data portals, thereby
making geospatial information better searchable across borders and
sectors. This can be achieved by the exchange of descriptions of data
sets among data portals using a common exchange format.

GeoDCAT-AP has been developed in the context of Action 1.1 – Improving
semantic interoperability in European eGovernment systems of the
European Commission’s Interoperability Solutions for European Public
Administrations (ISA) programme. The DCAT-AP is a joint initiative of
four Directorates-General of the European Commission: the Joint
Research Centre, DG DIGIT (ISA Programme), DG CONNECT and the
Publications Office of the EU.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback,

The EU ISA Programme


Received on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 16:27:38 UTC