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TPAC 2015 reminders: hotel booking, registration, ad-hoc meetings & breakout sessions

From: Mandyam, Giridhar <mandyam@qti.qualcomm.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 20:11:19 +0000
To: "public-geolocation@w3.org" <public-geolocation@w3.org>
Message-ID: <a0dfa2ee763945b8a22880cf8971e8c3@NASANEXM01C.na.qualcomm.com>
Hello All,
As a reminder, TPAC 2015 is around the corner.  Geolocation WG will be meeting, but it looks like for less than the 2 days currently scheduled.

-Giri Mandyam

---Forwarded Message---

Dear TPAC Attendees,

We are sending the following reminders on hotel booking, registration, ad-hoc meetings and breakout sessions, as TPAC 2015 is less than 5 weeks away.

Chairs, please encourage your groups to register. You may check who already registered:

Hotel booking
We advise TPAC attendees to book hotel rooms at any of the four hotels as soon as possible. A block booking has been made until **26 September 2015**.

After that date, the room block will be released and the bookings will be possible upon hotel availability. The negotiated fares will not be guaranteed anymore. Please note that some nights at Renaissance are already sold out.

**Important Notice**
The Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo just advised us that they are going to have a temporary power outage at 25:00-28:00 on Monday 26 October as well as influencing water supply at 24:30-29:00.

Please contact Rakuten Travel if you encounter any issues on booking hotels.

  Rakuten Travel English Reservation Hotline: +81-50-2017-8977
  Email: <support-en@mail.travel.rakuten.co.jp>
  Business Hours: 10:00-18:00 JST (closed: Sat, Sun, Holidays)

TPAC registration
Advance registration closes on 7 October 2015, 23:59 Boston Time, after which the fee goes up.

  -  85 USD per day until advance registration closes on 7 October
  - 170 USD per day for any UNPAID registrations as of 8 October
  - 170 USD per day for on site registration

Ad-hoc meetings & Breakout sessions
Groups have requested optional ad-hoc meeting time --a common time to break into parallel task forces, to allow cross-group interaction opportunities, and for hallway conversations. This unstructured time will be 15:00-18:00, all days but Wednesday, to avoid breaking up the middle of the day.
This is the time slot for the AC Meeting on Tuesday and Thursday, so we recommend that groups with participating AC Representatives plan their agendas in a way that enables those individuals to attend the AC Meeting.

Please, start scheduling your ad-hoc meetings :

Unconference/breakout is the preferred format of the Technical Plenary Day. That day will consist of a brief Plenary Session in the morning including a panel with Tim Berners-Lee, Jun Murai, and Vint Cerf that Jeff Jaffe will moderate; and breakout sessions.

Please, start proposing breakout sessions for the Technical Plenary Day:
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