Re: Geofencing API proposal

I do have some feedback on the current discussion, but I'm in the middle of
the advisory board meeting, so don't have time to detail it before Friday.
 I put Marijn's proposal into a pull request for the geoloca github:

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 4:28 AM, Martin Thomson <>

> On 15 September 2014 17:20, Marijn Kruisselbrink <> wrote:
> > And as promised, here an update to my proposal.
> I think that we're almost talking about the same thing at this point.
> Most of the differences seem to come down largely to taste.
> On the events in the global scope, I see no reason why the SW can't
> install listeners on the set of GeofencingRegistration instances when
> it is activated/restored in much the same way that it installs a
> global listener.  That ensures that the events are the same in both
> contexts.  Though I note that you can't alter the set of fences from
> the SW in your proposal.  Is that intentional?

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