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Re: [DeviceOrientation] General editorial comments

From: Steve Block <steveblock@google.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:13:35 +0100
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To: timeless <timeless@gmail.com>
Cc: public-geolocation@w3.org

> s/is is/is/
> s/of/to/

> s/cartesian/Cartesian/ [1][2]

>>    East (X) is in the ground plane, perpendicular to the North axis
>> and positive towards the East.
> What happens if I'm at the North Pole?
Good question, but I think this probably falls outside our use-cases.
Do you have any suggestions?

> s/keyboard/integrated-keyboard/ -- if I use a USB keyboard, you really
> don't want to define it relative to that.

> Also, if I use my laptop on an angle with the screen pointing "up"
> [3], is this likely to be the right answer?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean, you'l have to be more specific.
However, I don't think this poses a problem. The API reports the
orientation of the device, not of the user.

> What happens if my display swivels? [4][5][6]

> Do you mean 'must only'? The must here is a bit confusing wrt a should later.
Why is it confusing? I don't think we need to preclude other specs
from defining situations in which the event fires on other objects.

> This thought didn't end with a period.

> My understanding is that MUSTs should be testable. I don't think this
> must is testable. I also think that whether an implementation
> optimizes away useless events is an implementation detail.
This text has already been removed.

> This text doesn't make sense. Must _allow_ a type to <what>? Perhaps
> <must allow registration for> ? and `new event type` is strange.

> This example is distressing. I walk around with my tablets, and I run
> around with my tablets.
I don't think this is a problem. The web app may limit event handling
to appropriate points in time. If you feel strongly about this, please
feel free to suggest a better alternative.

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