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On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 3:12 PM, Philippe De Ryck
<> wrote:
> The following comment contains detailed information about an issue that
> was discovered during a recent security analysis of 13 next generation
> web standards, organized by ENISA (European Network and Information
> Security Agency), and performed by the DistriNet Research Group (K.U.
> Leuven, Belgium).
> The complete report is available at
> (*), and contains information about the process, the discovered
> vulnerabilities and recommendations towards improving overall security
> in the studied specifications.
>  Summary
> ---------
> The Geolocatin API allows a script to retrieve the last cached location,
> together with an appropriate timestamp
> Based on: Geolocation API, 7 September 2010
> Relevant Sections: 5.1. Geolocation Interface
>  Issue
> -------
> By forcing the retrieval of a cached value, using a timeout of 0, a
> script can obtain the last cached position. By repeating this with
> increasingly smaller values of maximumAge until an error occurs, it can
> determine an approximate timestamp of this position.

Why would anyone want to determine the approximate timestamp of cached
position? One can just look at the position's "timestamp" attribute to
determine the exact value:

I'm afraid I don't fully understand what the issue is exactly.


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