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RE: Geolocation - OGC GML profile for "Moving Snapshot"

From: Carl Reed <creed@opengeospatial.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 07:42:56 -0600
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Dear W3C Geolocation  community -

George Percivall of the OGC asked that we share the attached document with this group: OGC MovingObjectSnapshot: An application schema of the OGC Geography Markup Language. From the scope of the Moving Snapshot document:

This document defines a GML application schema to encode a snapshot of a moving object including its location, translational velocity and acceleration. This specification addresses the use case of a solid object, such as a car, travelling in a plane local to the object, such as a street.  The velocity is an instantaneous vector composed of a scalar speed and a heading relative to North.

Due to the dozens of use cases that OGC Members have identified for describing a moving object, we hope that you find this specification useful. We would also ask that if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please let us know.

Finally, this specification is being considered by the OGC Membership to be approved as a formal OGC standard.


Carl Reed, PhD
CTO and Executive Director Specification Program

The OGC: Helping the World to Communicate Geographically


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