Re: Comments on the draft Geolocation API Spec.

Thanks for your comments -- To quickly answer your general question:

How does a browser based application that implements the Geolocation  
API keep initiate the handshake between the app and the location  
enabled device and then keep track of that device?

This has been left up to the implementation/UA. Do you think we need  
to spell this out a bit better, or does having nothing specified imply  
it is an implementation detail?

Also, regarding privacy, you pointed us at IETF GeoPriv WG and OMA.   
What specifically were you thinking about?


On Nov 25, 2008, at 3:06 PM, Carl Reed wrote:

> To whom it may concern -
> Please find attached a set of comments related to the geolocation  
> API spec. Since I originally wrote my comments, I noticed that the  
> group has added numerous examples. Excellent!
> I work location standards not just in the OGC but also in the IETF,  
> OMA, OASIS, ISO, NENA, and W3C. I am one of the original authors of  
> GeoRSS. My goal in collaborating in any standards activity requiring  
> the expression and communication of location is to insure  
> consistency, interoperability through workflows, and ease of  
> implementation whenever this is possible.
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