Re: Position Heading Questions?

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Greg Bolsinga <> wrote:
> Isn't this the question this is trying to clarify? If so, I think that "the
> direction of the hosting device is facing" doesn't match my understanding.
> Andrei indicated it was the direction of travel, not the way the device is
> facing.

The Position::heading attribute we have right now denotes the
direction of travel. As you pointed out, the wording in the spec was
not clear, so I fixed that. Please have a look.

As for device orientation, I still don't believe it should be part of
the Geolocation API:

1. There are plenty of use cases that require orientation but do not
care where on Earth the device is (games, UI, etc). Adding orientation
to this API would force anyone who just wants to provide orientation,
to also implement geolocation.
2. There will be use cases that will require orientation in the
vertical plane (azimuth), not just in the horizontal plane. It
therefore follows that orientation is more than just one scalar
property, and may also require some associated callbacks (when the
properties change). I think it is therefore acceptable to put these
into a separate spec that can be implemented independently of
geolocation. The spec can be fairly short and it can be done in this
WG, so no need to setup a separate WG.


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