Re: GeoPriv and the geolocation api.

Doug, just a heads up for the list, the folks at Geopriv are 
preparing a "liaison statement" about this topic to be submitted by 
the IETF to the W3C.  I think that statement will do some of what you 
are looking for.  John

At 11:51 AM -0800 11/18/08, Doug Turner wrote:
>I didn't get any responses publicly from any GeoPriv experts.  Would 
>it make sense to work on a privacy recommendation based on the work 
>that GeoPriv has done?
>Doug Turner
>On Nov 6, 2008, at 2:17 PM, Doug Turner wrote:
>>Mozilla believes that the privacy and security of users is 
>>incredibly important.  We believe that the user must always be put 
>>in the position to make safe decisions.
>>GeoPriv extends the user's decision from simply a "yes/no", to 
>>being able to express, among other things, retransmit and retention 
>>ideas.  This spec clearly outlines how authorization of 
>>geolocation, and probably other forms of data, could be 
>>transmitted.  However, GeoPriv is not the solution to the problem 
>>we have.  There are many other pieces of private data that pass 
>>between the ua and websites - some possibly more sensitive than 
>>one's geolocation.  We do not have a comprehensive web privacy API 
>>that protects these bits.  Adding GeoPriv to the Geolocation API 
>>will add more bits on the wire, more complexity for websites and 
>>developers, and yield no protection beyond a given site's existing 
>>privacy policy.
>>Mozilla does share the concerns voiced in the GeoPriv charter, but 
>>does not share the idea that creating APIs makes this problem 
>>Instead, we believe that much of what GeoPriv provides could be 
>>addressed by a recommended guideline for websites, similar to the 
>>Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).  The WCAG W3C 
>>Recommendation, backed by Section 508 (in the US), has done much 
>>more than any web API could have.  It would be interesting to see 
>>if there is interest in developing a similar recommendation around 
>>privacy, analogous to WCAG, presented as guidelines to websites.  
>>Mozilla may be interested in helping with such a effort.
>>Doug Turner
>>Mozilla Corporation

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