V2 Discussion

Hello --

Let me start off by saying I understand this will not make it into V1.  
However, I don't understand use case scenarios where only the lat/long  
is useful to anyone but people who know details of lat/long.

In the pizza delivery scenario, the user is going to want to see a  
civic address to confirm the lat/long being used is legitimate. If the  
lat/long needs to be sent back to the web server to get the civic  
address for user confirmation, the web developer is going to have to  
implement a lat/long to address lookup themselves. This additional  
network access to get the address from the web server will have high  
latency and slow speed on mobile devices.

If the civic address were a part of the spec, the web developer will  
not have to create their own lat/long to civic address lookup. Also,  
there could be less network traffic and latency waiting for results. A  
web developer coding to the spec will have less to implement as well.

What are the use cases for lat/long only?

-- Greg

Received on Friday, 14 November 2008 00:41:49 UTC