RE: Forward/backward compatibility

Hi Doug,


I’m not saying that they can’t.  I am saying that you are forcing location provider implementations to rely on geocoding though.  There are a few options, but those are neither universal nor are their terms of use necessarily compatible.


Besides, civic addresses often contain richer and more specific information than a geocoding database can manage.  Someone I know is very clear about translation between civic and geodetic: every time you translate, you lose something.  If you could guarantee an orthogonal transformation, then that might make more sense.





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HI Martin,


Why can't fixed devices convert their civic address to lat/lon?






On Nov 13, 2008, at 2:08 PM, Thomson, Martin wrote:

I am of the opinion that the current approach is likely to have the opposite effect to what is intended - that is, it will reinforce the fragmentation of the "mobile" and "fixed" webs simply because mobile devices will have geodetic, fixed devices will not.


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