Re: Moving the Geolocation API to First Public Working Draft

hello martin.

Thomson, Martin wrote:
> Actually, if you consider "geo" to be short for "geodetic", then it is entirely correct.  That is, a qualification of location that is specific to geodetic.
> If it was "location API", then I'd say your comment is more applicable.

sure, it all depends on definitions. but i think right now it is a bit 
confusing, and it's not yet public, so why not make it less confusing 
and less dependent on the "correct interpretation"? i propose to rename 
this API into "geoposition API" ("geodetic" might also be fine, but i 
think "geoposition" might be more understandable for most people), and 
then at a later time there should be a "location API" which would not be 
limited to spatial location concepts, but which would be open to any 
kind of location concepts used by applications, such as social locations 
and generally any kind of location on which peers may agree. the 
location API would then defer to the geoposition API if location 
providers or location consumers are interested in spatial locations. 
personally, i think that civic location should be part or the location 
API and not part of a geoposition API 2.0, but that depends on the 
degree of flexibility you want to have wrt civic locations.



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