Re: civic address UAs

On Nov 12, 2008, at 9:21 AM, Erik Wilde wrote:

> hello doug.
> Doug Turner wrote:
>> Do you have any examples of what your are talking about?  How does  
>> a UA get a civic address?
> it might get a civic address because it is sitting in my house and  
> can do its job best by providing the address. it could be my home  
> computer or it could be non-browser UAs such as 
>  or or more generally, what i like to call  
> the "web of things". it could be my car that has a UA that is not  
> authorized to use lat/long, because i don't want to broadcast my  
> exact position, but it does expose my home address and my office  
> address as civic addresses.
> of course, these examples are a bit futuristic, but that's what i  
> wanted to point out: while it is important to go for the low-hanging  
> fruit and work on something small that will have immediate impact  
> (such as the lat/long API), i am also convinced that we should try  
> to have some vision on how the web will and should develop.
>> btw, i am perfectly happy, if it isn't clear, scoping the first  
>> version of our specification to just deal with lat/long information  
>> on the web.
> that would be great. i think even though it would be a small thing,  
> it would send a very important message: this is just a first and  
> limited step, and we are aware of the fact that this is not fully  
> covering the concepts of geolocation on the web.
> thanks and cheers,
> dret.

I think you are exactly right.  We scope this as the small low hanging  
fruit to get something that has immediate impact, then quickly cycle  
back to address addressing. :-)


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