Re: w/r/t Privacy

Hi Greg,

On Nov 2, 2008, at 2:28 PM, Greg Bolsinga wrote:
> If privacy should become part of the spec, I think it would be best  
> for it to optionally allow for the the implementor to be able to  
> provide its own scheme and UI. This will allow implementors to  
> provide a consistent location privacy experience between native apps  
> using location services and web pages using location services.
> I can see that if an implementor already has a UI and scheme for  
> location privacy outside of web pages, and if web pages then have a  
> completely different style that users would be concerned about their  
> privacy, and may even ignore the warnings more than they do already.

I am a little confused about what you mean here. When you say "scheme  
and UI," does that mean something other than UI? I agree that the spec  
should not dictate UI (my last email contained a UI discussion only  
because there was a specific question about it).

But if you're saying that all privacy considerations (including  
consent) should be optional whether they manifest in a UI or not,  
that's a different story. Can you clarify?


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