RE: skeleton Geolocation API

Hi everyone.

One more request for the position is to have a heading vector
potentially with estimated speed.

There are probably a lot of augmented reality applications that would
benefit from this.



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Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the draft editor spec:

- Removed the reverse geocoding.
- Removed locationResolvers property.
- Attempted to clarify the definition of the getCurrentPosition() and
- Mentioned that we default to WGS84 for the coordinate system and
added an issue about supporting other geodetic systems.
- Added links to the mailing list discussions around

I'd be very grateful if you could have another look and let me know
what you think, especially if there are any fundamental changes that
are still needed (things around the overall API design, things that
should be addressed or should be left out, etc).

Many thanks,

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