Event Invitation: W3C Web Games Workshop #3: Next Generation Monetisation

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 W3C Web Games Workshop #3: Next Generation Monetisation Upcoming Confirmed

 25 January 2022, 14:00 -15:00 Europe/Paris

[ Games Community Group ](https://www.w3.org/groups/cg/games/calendar)For our next event we'll be running another workshop focused call. The focus will be monetisation...

**"Imagine a world where traditional ads didn’t exist for web games – how else could we monetise games on the web? This topic can explore decentralized monetisation, microtransactions, licensing, subscriptions, or even new forms of advertising, etc. Let’s think outside the wallet."**

This workshop will be at an EMEA / Asia-Pacific friendly time.


- 5 min - Introduction
- 25 min - Split into groups of ~5 people for brainstorming, adding to a big group google slide deck
- 5-10 min - Return as a whole group. A person from each group presents as we walk through the group deck.
- 15 min - Discuss as one large group
- 5-10 min - Try to identify “actionable items”

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