Re: GDC Presentation on latest open web tech for games

That's actually quite a cool idea, although I think it would be even 
cooler if the browser vendors all got together with a game studio to 
make an awesome game without the focus on HTML5 PR. The only issue with 
everyone going alone is that it will just come down to who has the 
biggest budget.

I'm really keen on getting the browsers all working together on a 
consistent approach to games and at least the communication surrounding it.


Paul Bakaus wrote:
> Great talk! I watched the whole rehearsal :)
> <random thought>
> Inspired by it, I've been thinking that there should be a race for 
> browser vendors on games to understand real world problems  every 
> browser vendor needs to pick a game studio to work with and then 
> produce the best game with their own browser features until the end of 
> the year (or some date). The audience decides the winner in the end, 
> and as a side effect, each browser will have matured along and the 
> world has a couple great games. Ha!
> </random tought>
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> A rehearsal video for the presentation I gave at GDC on the latest 
> news for games web tech is online:
> Notes from the presentation:

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