Draft March 2012 Games CG Summit Report

Hi Games community Group!

It was great to see those of you that made it out to our summit at GDC last
weekend. For those of you that didn't, I hope to see you at future Games CG

I have written a draft a report on our discussion at GDC last week. I have
shared it with this mail list in a google doc. Please email me if you did
not get access to the google doc, or if you would like me to share it with
an additional google apps account.

I have authorized everyone as read/comment only so I can staty on top of
this doc. Please (right click to) comment on this document with any
feedback, additions or updates.

As a heads up, I added two new features to the report that we did not

   - Battery information
   - Bandwidth information

Thank you Vincent Scheib, for thinking of these two features and adding
them to our etherpad!

If you can, please help by commenting on use cases, action items, and
statuses for each feature in the document.

Once we finish the report, you can also help by following up on any of the
listed action items and reporting back to the group on your progress.
Please hold off on executing action items in the name of the W3C Games CG
until we get some harmony on this report.

*Marie-Claire Forgue*:
If you can, please focus on commenting on the W3C Working Groups for each
of the features under the "*New Games CG features*" in this document.
Comments on features with "Unkown" W3C Working Groups will be will be
especially helpful.

If you know of any Working Groups already specifying the relevant feature
or i you have a recommended WG for an orphan feature, please let us know in
a comment. If no working group exists that would be appropriate for a given
feature please say so and we will lobby for one!

Philippe Le Hégaret, Michael Smith and Doug Schepers, if you can,
please also focus on this!

*Erik Möller**, **Dan Mosedale, **Vincent Scheib*:
If you can, please focus on commenting on the statuses for each feature
under the "*Existing Games CG Feature status overview*" section of the
draft report with an update of your browser's movement. Updates on "unkown"
statuses are especially important.

Luz Caballero, Charles McCathieNevile, Bobby Richter, Rob Hawkes, Alan
Kligman, Scott Graham and Lilli Thompson, if you can, please also focus on

*The Wiki*
At the summit, we agreed to move feature tracking into an ongoing activity
on a wiki (as opposed to just a summit activity).

We have an existing wiki provided by the W3C Community Group infrastructure
which I have updated: http://www.w3.org/community/games/wiki/Main_Page

I have added a full list of features we are tracking to the wiki:

I have held off on adding use-case/status/action-item information to each
feature until we finish the March 2012 GDC Summit report.

Yours in Open Web games,

Received on Tuesday, 13 March 2012 07:21:47 UTC