Re: HTML for games wish list

(adding Doug Schepers, as he might be able to provide some details…)

On Monday, October 17, 2011 at 1:19 PM, Gerd Wagner wrote:  
> > I have added this wishlist to the community group wiki page:
>  I'd like to add two issues:
>  * Concerning the issue Audio Generation in Code (, it would be good to have a JavaScript MIDI API (with the benefit of allowing simple sound programming)
I've heard the Web Events group has been discussing MIDI for Joysticks…
>  * It would be good if Browsers would continue supporting "eval" (apparently, FF does, by default, no longer support it) . We are using eval for supporting programming game features (see (

What's the game-specific use case? And why are other methods not sufficient (e.g., common.js require)?   

Marcos Caceres 

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