Re: Setting a Charter

On Friday, October 14, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Paul Bakaus wrote:

> Hi Vincent, Boaz,
> Agreed. Looking forward to actively collaborate on open gaming issues through this group as a pre-spec incubator, then pass it to the right working group. So far, this process has been mainly done by us through internal vendor shared docs (you have access to one :) ) and through bug reports, which is less ideal.
> Boaz: As the group is still small, it would be great to extend the games community group summit to the vendor level, inviting both people interested in specs and people interested in driving early implementations at the browser level. We have the opportunity to invite Google, Apple, Mozilla as they're close by, and eventually Microsoft as well.  
Don't forget Opera! ;)   

They just released:

 I've cc'ed Chaals (who can probably get in touch with Erik Möller or people who should be here from Opera). 

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