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On Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Vincent Scheib wrote:

> Marcos statement is good and more direct than the original. However, It does not cover the non-specification related goal "Helping the community make open web games"(1). And if one is being picky, encouraging implementations of standards may be a bit different than improving web standards.
> Note 1: I'm personally more interested in all other bullet points vs this 'help the community' point, which I'm not entirely clear on.

I see "help the community" as providing tutorials and best practice (e.g., what HTML tags to use to make games accessible, when to use e.g., timers, how to queue up sounds or stream game content in the background, how to create games that work on tablets, phones, and keyboards, etc.). 
> I presume that point includes things such as documenting how to best use standards for games, evangelizing to developers, and or building libraries to help games.

I don't see building libraries in scope (it's unlikely people here have the time and may constitute a conflict of interest); instead, we could evaluate libraries to see what they could do better or identify common patterns that should be standardized. 

I see evangelizing *for* to the standards setting groups (e.g., HTML WG), instead of evangelizing *to* developers. There are plenty of other communities and conferences already doing evangelism.  

Marcos Caceres

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