Re: [fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects-2] User feedback: backdrop-filter is way less useful because it requires children to not escape the "backdrop rectangle" (#408)

Thanks for the comment. If I understand your point, it is that the children ("C") of the element ("B") with `backdrop-filter` applied can be positioned outside the bounds of B, e.g. with absolute positioning. And then in that case, the backdrop behind C isn't backdrop-filtered. Is that right?

If that's the issue, this is actually mostly for convenience to the author. The alternative is to filter **absolutely everything** on the page that lives below the z-index of B, and that would often not be what the author is intending. Typical examples for backdrop filter are menu bars (that blur the content as it scrolls under) and dialog boxes (that blur the contents behind the dialog). If you're looking for a way to filter absolutely everything on the page, it is easier to do something like `<style> html {filter: blur(5px)} </style>`. I.e. just filter everything.

I don't know of a great workaround for what you're trying to accomplish, other than making the C elements siblings, instead of children, of B, and apply `backdrop-filter` to C also. Would that not work?

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