Re: [fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects-2] Backdrop filter clipping with edgeMode="duplicate" creates discontinuity when moving. (#374)

Thanks for opening this issue, @flackr. I agree that this looks like it would provide a better visual appearance than the current edgemode=duplicate behavior. 

@mstange - see my comment [here]( on the crbug - I do believe edgemode=duplicate, or something very similar, is what WebKit is currently doing. Looking at @flackr's demo, and comparing to Safari's backdrop-filter appearance, they look very similar.

One issue is that the edgemode definition comes from [Filter Effects Level 1]('s definition of feConvolveMatrix, and does not currently include a definition for edgemode=reflect. We would have to add `reflect` as a new value, and then be careful to specify where it is valid. Perhaps we wouldn't want to expand the capabilities of feConvolveMatrix to include reflect?

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