Re: [fxtf-drafts] [motion] computed <length-percentage> value (#370)

computed `<length-percentage>` value terminology is used consistently:
the keyword auto or a computed `<length-percentage>` value
the keyword auto or a computed `<length-percentage>` value
specified keyword, else a computed `<length-percentage>` value
as specified, with `<length-percentage>` values computed
list, each item a pair of offsets (horizontal and vertical) from the top left origin each given as a computed `<length-percentage>` value
four values, each either a number, the keyword auto, or a computed `<length-percentage>` value
computed `<length-percentage>` value, plus any specified keywords

The exceptions are offset-distance (hence and CSS2 vertical-align:
for `<percentage>` and `<length>` the absolute length, otherwise as specified

The following properties compute lengths:
an absolute length, as clamped by font-min-size and font-max-size
the specified keyword, a number, or a computed `<length>` value

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