Re: [fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects-2] Add recolor() shorthand (#334)

I like the idea of having only one shorthand function.

Authors should not be expected to grayscale the image first. It should be part of the shorthand's functionality. Authors don't necessarily know which grayscale values to use for _amount_ values less than 1, such as this: `colorize(0.2, red)`.

I don't have a strong opinion about the name `recolor()` vs. `colorize()`. Photoshop and Gimp have an effect called _colorize_, but it works like colorize(black, <color>), which is useful for adjusting photos (it's like sepia with a custom color).

I think that the single color case should create an image with only one color. I'm not a color expert, but it feels more logical:

1 color -> all pixels get converted to the same color (not two colors, where the other one is black or white)
2 colors -> two colors
3 colors -> three colors

I found out the reason why my CodePen example didn't produce exactly correct results for tritones. I had misspelled the color-interpolation-filters property. I'll update the example when I have more time.

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