Re: [fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects] Browsers don't match spec for feDisplacementMap (#113)

> Explicitly state that the displacement input into feDisplacementMap doesn't care about the colorspace of the input. Regardless of whether the input is linear (as in the feFlood example above) or sRGB (when it's loaded from an image), if it contains #808080 then there's no shift. This means color-interpolation-filters is ignored by feDisplacementMap.

Yes. The data in the color channels for the in2 image is not treated as a color. It is treated as a 0 to 255 displacement amount. Thus alpha is ignored gamma and chromaticity and ICC profiles are ignored, because the raw image data is not being interpreted as a color. 

The spec already states this regarding alpha, but could state the rest more clearly.

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