Re: [fxtf-drafts] [filter-effects] What should happen if filter and background-attachment fixed; applied to the same element?

@dirkschulze I'm not entirely following the details of what's going on here but, yes, the background and border should be painted and then filter applied to the resulting box. If the box itself is scrolled partially out of view then the filter is applied to the whole box including the parts that are out of view. If its contents are scrolled out of view within the element (i.e. the element itself has `overflow: scroll`), then such overflow is not part of the filter since it is clipped by the element and then the filter is applied to the element as a unit.

> The compositing model follows the SVG compositing model [SVG11]: first any filter effect is applied, then any clipping, masking and opacity [CSS3COLOR]. These effects all apply after any other CSS effects such as border [CSS3BG].

Wrt spec edits, I think there is some confusion as to what “clipping” means in the first quoted sentence--we have multiple operations that involve some sort of clipping-like thing: for example, `overflow` and `background-clip` have clip-like implications. So I think you should specify more clearly: “clipping via `clip` or `clip-path` [[!CSS-MASKING]], masking, and opacity”. And also in the second sentence, include things besides border, e.g. “backgrounds, borders, `overflow`, transforms, etc.”.

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