[fxtf-drafts] [css-masking-1] stroke-bounding-box and non-scaling-stroke

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== [css-masking-1] stroke-bounding-box and non-scaling-stroke ==
Currently, the _stroke bounding box_ does not take the CSS property `vector-effects` with the value `non-scaling-stroke` into account.

Though browsers do support `non-scaling-stroke`, the implementation can be very different and SVG does not require a specific way. Computing the actual `stroke-width` depending on the different applied transforms and the `vector-effects` is non trivial. (Note that even browsers currently do not compute the `stroke-with` for `non-scaling-stroke` but rather do it as part of the painting process.)

I'd like to propose to keep the algorithm as is and mention that `vector-effects` do not affect the stroke bounding box.

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Received on Sunday, 22 April 2018 12:34:54 UTC