Re: [fxtf-drafts] [css-masking] Change initial value of mask-repeat and mask-position

It looks like the minutes for this are in

  dbaron: At some point we resolved that mask-repeat and
          mask-position have different initial values than
          background. It's not compat with webkit-mask-repeat and
          webkit-mask-position. There's a bunch of web content that
          depends on the values. We've had what the spec says in FF.
  dbaron: We've gotten some of the sites to fix the behavior. We do
          still have compat problems.
  dbaron: Question is; we're close to rolling back and doing same
          initial values as background-position.
  dbaron: In the chromium bug there was a suggestion that we behave
          different for prefix and unprefix though it's not clear to
          me how you do that. If everyone uses shorthand maybe
          webkit-mask shorthand would specify different values. I
          don't have data on shorthand usage.
  dbaron: We're having enough compat problems we're likely to roll
  Rossen: Any other opinions?

  TabAtkins: We're for keeping spec as-is. Though twitter fixed it
             there's likely other stuff around. no-repeat is a
             better value in isolation in mask, masking for similar
             properties makes sense too. I'm fine changing spec to
             match Chrome behavior.
  Rossen: Any objections to matching webkit/blink behavior and
          record that into the spec?
  fantasai: Do we have a editor?
  TabAtkins: Kinda? krit is technically the editor but shane and I
             will do edits.
  fantasai: There were some other issues with masking that I'm
            guessing isn't edited in. They may be on stats page. We
            need an active editor for masking.
  <ChrisL> agree we need an active editor for masking
  Rossen: That's a great point.

  RESOLVED: match webkit/blink behavior

  Rossen: Next we need official editors. I heard TabAtkins and shane
         stepping in. Yes?
  TabAtkins: Yep.
  <krit> I would welcome another active editor on mask
  Rossen: Anyone else want to be an editor?
  ChrisL: TabAtkins you edit an awful lot of specs.
  ChrisL: Applying TabAtkins doesn't necessarily increase output.
  TabAtkins: Which is why we're adding shane as well.
  ChrisL: This is graphics-y. I'd be interested.
  Rossen: Okay, so ChrisL TabAtkins and shane as editors for masking

  RESOLVED: ChrisL, TabAtkins, and shane as editors for masking spec.

  Rossen: That means you guys get to do all the actions and
          resolutions retroactively.

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