[css-transforms] CSS3D issue with opacity in Chrome 53

Dear fellow CSS-ers,

I am maintaining the repo at http://github.org/aprender/refamous and would like to add my +1 on the issues caused by the recent opacity "feature" creeping into Chrome 53 based on the W3C spec.

There is a link to more info here:

I believe that the W3C spec on the matter in question is functionally incorrect and propose it be amended for two reasons:

-        Philosophically, the scene graph model taught in 3D programming courses around the world simply will not work with these sort of unintended side-effects being introduced.

-        From an application perspective, this issue effectively causes one to add logic to disable use of transparency if one goes anywhere near a matrix3d().



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Received on Friday, 16 September 2016 13:54:04 UTC