Re: Grayscale, lacuna value, and optional argument

On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 7:40 PM, Alan Cutter <> wrote:
> If the default value for these filter functions are going to change to
> non-neutral values we should make sure the interpolation logic is
> unaffected.
> We don't want "none -> sepia(0.5)" to behave the same as "sepia(1) ->
> sepia(0.5)".

There's a big difference between what "none" is converted to for
animation purposes, and what the value should default to when omitted.
Transforms defines interpolation between "none" and transform
functions by referencing "identity transforms".  All of them have a
nice shortcut where you can just say "whatever value would produce the
null matrix", but it's easy to have Filters just define the identity
filter for each.


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