Re: [motion-1] On path syntax

Sorry, one quick clarification: the new Firefox Nightly implementation of
clip-path and CSS shapes is still behind a flag. So not* quite* as close to
being in a stable build as I thought. Should have tested.

The -webkit- version is out in the wild, though, and content that was
developed in a "future-friendly" manner with unprefixed properties to match
will not be so friendly if the future syntax is changed.


On 17 February 2016 at 19:13, Amelia Bellamy-Royds <> wrote:

> Logically, I like the idea of moving the fill-rule/clip-rule outside of
> the shape function. It keeps separate concepts separate, and provides
> flexibility to use shape functions in different contexts.
> However, *polygon() with fill-rule is already shipping* in multiple
> implementations for clip-path (and also shape-outside, though it has no
> effect in that case).
> Shapes for clip-path have been working in Chrome (& WebKit?) with prefixes
> for over a year (based on the date when I posted this demo [1]), and have
> just recently shipped, without prefixes, in Firefox Nightly.
> So if there is a desire to make a change, it needs to be made soon, before
> these properties are available, unprefixed, in stable builds.  And that
> means pulling CSS Shapes 1 back from candidate recommendation status to
> change the function definition [2], and pulling CSS Masking 1, also a CR
> spec, to add the new clip-rule parameter to `clip-path` [3].
> If the rest of you want to champion these changes with the relevant spec
> editors, implementers, and the dev community, I will happily help get the
> word out.  But it has to happen fast and furious, with clear justification
> for the change, or you'll have a lot of eager developers annoyed by broken
> content.
> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]:

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