Re: [strokes] CSS fill/stroke spec + questions

>Yes, the measurements are along the path.
>However, that still doesn't specify what percentages are relative to.


Percentage is relative to the viewport and not related to the length of the 
path, therefore typically not very useful.

The intended purpose for pathLength is to give authors a chance to provide
their result for pathLength calculation to ensure predictable visual results 
for presentation.
For example if they have a result of '10000' and provide a dash-pattern of 
Now a user-agent has a result of '11000' for the pathLength.
Instead of using the noted '10,10' this user agent uses the adjusted pattern
'11,11' to get the visual effect intended by the author.
If another user-agent gets the result '9000' it adjusts the pattern to '9,9'.

The only simple chance to get some notation of the pattern relative to the
pathLength is to 'abuse' this correction mechanism by setting pathLength 
intentionally on a simple, but wrong value like '100'.

Could be pretty helpful for authors to be able to provide a specific unit for 
this like 'plf' for 'pathLength fraction'.


Received on Saturday, 13 February 2016 12:47:07 UTC