[motion-1] On path syntax

Hi list,

Cameron pointed out today that the path() function in motion-1 takes a fill
rule. It looks like dschulze added this late in 2014 so that other
specifications (some of which need a fill rule) could reference the path
syntax too.

Cameron pointed this out because he wanted to reference this specification
for the property version of the 'd' attribute, but having a fill rule there
is awkward because <path> elements also accept fill-rule properties.

Additionally, fill-rule has absolutely no effect on motion, so it doesn't
really make sense to accept one in the motion spec.

My suggestion is this:
(1) remove fill-rule from motion-1
(2) for now, each specification should separately reference SVG1.1 when
defining a path syntax.
(3) we should get two variants of path included in the next level of values
and units, one with and one without fill-rule
(4) gradually we can switch specifications across to reference these.



Received on Wednesday, 3 February 2016 22:18:26 UTC