Re: [css-transforms] Clarify definition of <transform-function>

On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 11:37 PM, Sebastian Zartner
<> wrote:
> The <transform-function> value is described as list of transform
> functions.[1] To be more precise it should be mentioned that it is a
> *space-separated* list.

No, <transform-function> is a single function.  That paragraph does,
though, say that the value of the 'transform' property is a list of
<transform-function>s. That is just a restatement of the actual
grammar listed in the spec, which has <transform-list> =
<transform-function>+ (which makes it clear that the list is

> Also, it is not explicitly mentioned whether functions can appear
> multiple times within the list.

It doesn't need to - that's implicit from <transform-function>+, which
puts no restrictions on what the <transform-function>s are.

> Instead of defining this as text, it may be better to define the
> syntax using the value definition syntax[2].

It already is. ^_^


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