RE: Units of time in Web Animations [was: Intent to Ship: Element.animate]

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> Would the TAG care to provide any other feedback they have at this time?

We're still collating and preparing the feedback we've drafted. You can see it in its raw form at and, but at the meeting we discussed several points and need to update the document, as we came to understand the spec better and found some of that draft feedback to be incorrect or misguided. Sergey's slides also had more feedback that isn't present in his original notes draft.

In general we are hesitant to push this kind of feedback on spec authors before it's been fully vetted, as we don't want to give you the wrong impression---in the early stages, our feedback drafts are not necessarily well thought out or vetted. Combined with the critical tone inherent in writing spec feedback, this can lead to us seeming ignorant and overbearing. So ... please don't take the above that way :). Since you asked I'm happy to share our early-stage thoughts though.

> Does the TAG keep public minutes? I'm really interested in seeing the various arguments put forth for this.

Public minutes are available on the TAG website at They're still being cleaned up (e.g. incorrect ScribeNicks), but is the web animations section. As you can see the seconds vs. milliseconds discussion didn't take much time; there was just a general nodding of heads that this was the clear choice for APIs, plus some subsequent (uncaptured) discussion about how we could enforce this across more specs, which led to filing that issue in the design principles repo.

As you can see we were hoping to reach out to you and the other editors soon, after we had a chance to assemble more, and more coherent, feedback. Sorry it kind of had to start this way... 

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